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Asami’s, Claremont

Sushi, anyone? Grab your chopsticks, let’s go!

Some favour it for health benefits, some for the wild abandon of fiery wasabi – but us, we love it for those reasons and more!

Asami’s, will take care of all your Asian food cravings, hankerings and longings – exciting your taste-buds with authentic Sushi, Chinese and Thai dishes, although their sushi usually occupies centre stage!

This popular spot ticks all the right blocks with exceptional service, perfectly prepared dishes bursting with fresh flavours, and the prettiest sushi plates you could imagine, ready to be devoured as though you’re chilling in Asia with your buddies on a culinary ride of delicious proportions. Crunchy veggies, fried rice or noodles, Instagrammable sushi, chicken and beef options, spring rolls, soups, dim sum, Thai curries, Kung Pao and Peking Duck fill their menu, ending with sweet treats – ranging from custard balls to bow ties!

Grab your bestie or treat yourself and allow Asami’s to flaunt their foodie muscle as you hold on tight to your seat and your heart!

  Today's Deal

Asian Takeaway Feast at Asami’s Claremont: Starters & Mains for up to 6 People!

Starting from R199
  4 sold



Deal 1: Starters and Mains for 2 People at only R199! 

Deal 2: Starters and Mains for 4 People at only R359! 

Deal 3: Starters and Mains for 6 People at only R449! 




Starter Menu: 
  • Prawn spring rolls
  • Deep-fried calamari
  • Deep-fried wonton
  • Duck spring rolls
  • Crab & cheese spring rolls
  • Prawn, cheese & onion spring rolls
  • Vegetable spring rolls
  • Chicken spring rolls

    Main Menu: 
  • Cashew nut: beef or chicken
  • Shanghai: beef, chicken or pork
  • Chop suey: beef, pork, chicken or vegetable
  • Sweet & sour: chicken or pork
  • Kung Pao: beef or chicken

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    Asian Takeaway Feast at Asami’s Claremont: Starters & Mains for up to 6 People!

    • 2 x Starters and 2 x Mains
      Valued at R300 Save R 101
      1 sold ( only 999 left )
    • 4 x Starters and 4 x Mains
      Valued at R600 Save R 241
      1 sold ( only 999 left )
    • 6 x Starters and 6 x Mains
      Valued at R900 Save R 451
      1 sold ( only 9999 left )