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Car Smart Service Centre

Car Smart Service Centre is a well-established and prolific enterprise with a passion and vision for establishing the perfect all encompassing Vehicle Service Centre!

A finalist in the Cape Talk Small Business Awards, this leading independent establishment has created an efficient, cost-effective work ethic, based on passion and commitment to customer service and efficiency. Knowing what their customers want and what the company does best - they then focus on where these two meet. This trusted Western Cape brand is RMI approved, offers a workshop equipped with computerized diagnostic equipment and only uses leading names in parts and consumables – together with their experienced & highly qualified team Car Smart offers consumers the smart choice!

The Car Smart Service Centre Family is still continually growing and would love for you to be a part of it!

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Don’t risk it – check it! Make the smart choice for only R49 with The Annual Technical & Safety Multi-point Check!

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Don’t risk it – check it! Make the smart choice with The Annual Technical & Safety Multi-point Check for only R49!



Interior Wheels & Tyres Engine & Mechanical Components
Upholstery Condition Front Brakes Check Oil
Seat Mechanisms Rear Brakes Oil Leaks From Engine
Seat Belts Tyres Oil Leaks From Gearbox 
Sunroof Wheel Rims Drive Belts
Gear Lever Gaiter Wheel Bearings Fan Belt
Carpets Re-torque Wheel Nut Spec Brake & Clutch Master Fluid Level
Window Mechanism Wheel Balance Power Steering Fluid Level
Door Trims Wheel Bearing Noise Auto Transmission Fluid
Door Locks   Clutch Pedal
Door Hinges Boot/Luggage Area Clutch Slave Cylinder Leaks
Mirrors Spare Wheel Rim & Tyre Coolant Level
Pedals Tools Coolant System & Hose Leaks
Headlights Boot Lid / Hatch Seals Radiator for Damage
Sidelight Boot Mechanism Cooling Fan
Indicators   Air Conditioning 
Hazard Light Exterior Water Pump (If visible)
Fog Lights Body Panels Battery (Top-up)
Brake Lights Body Panel Repairs? Wiring (visible)
Horn Bumpers Steering Mechanism 
Heater Fan  Body Trim Steering Bellows
Heater Controls Badges Propshaft/Driveshaft
Panel Lights Light Sensors Exhaust System
  Windscreen  Suspension Mountings & Bushes
Road Test Windscreen Wipers Transmission
Engine Performance Locks Shock Absorbers
Engine Idling Remote Control Units Underbody Corrosion
Clutch Operation Security Systems Brake Pipes 
Gear Change Bonnet Opening Mechanism Fuel Lines
Brakes (ABS) Radio Aerial Fuel Tank
Parking Brake  Number Plates Parking Brake Mechanism
Any Rattles?    
All Other Gauges    
Indicators (& Cancelling)    
Screen Washers    
Audio Interference    
Wind Noise    

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Don’t risk it – check it! Make the smart choice for only R49 with The Annual Technical & Safety Multi-point Check!