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Rodeo Spur Steak Ranch (Halaal)

The popular Spur Steak Ranch franchise barely needs any introduction, and the Rodeo Spur Steak Ranch situated in Claremont, is no exception!

Boasting fully Halaal status, in addition to roaring reviews, this particularly popular restaurant also enjoys an ultra convenient location, adding to its delicious allure. The signature brand of family friendly restaurant expectations, as well as their celebrated ambiance, have stood the test of time and proven themselves successful as a backdrop for many happy occasions, from birthdays to catch-ups – while the kids play area allows parents to savour their meals!!

Spur is hailed as offering the ultimate satisfaction with delectable burgers, lip-smacking ribs and sensationally succulent steaks, along with perfect accompaniments that include veggies, rice and breads, with an array of beverages on offer – and of course, the most decadent desserts that serve as brilliant conclusions to lazy, languid meals shared with friends and family.!

So, if you and your favourite people are people with a taste for life, the Rodeo Spur Steak Ranch is waiting for you!!

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Rodeo Spur (Halaal): A 3-Course Dining Feast for 2 People! Dine on the likes of; Beef Spare Ribs, New York Sirloin, Buffalo Wings, Rump, Chocolate Brownie, Pecan Nut Sundae Delight & More!

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Deal: A 3-Course Dining Experience for 2 People at only R349!


  • 2 x Starters
  • 2 x Mains
  • 2 x Top Up Your Meal
  • 2 x Desserts



    Starters (any 2):
  • Cheesy Quesadilla (half)
  • Crispy Cheesy Garlic Roll
  • Crumbed Mushrooms

    Mains (any 2):
  • Chargrilled Rump (200g)
  • New York Sirloin (200g)

    Top Up Your Meal (any 1 per main meal):
  • Succulent Beef Spare Ribs (200g)
  • Quarter Chicken
  • Calamari Strips (150g)
  • 6 Buffalo Wings

    Desserts (any 2):
  • Pecan Nut Sundae Delight
  • Chocolate Brownie (half)
  • Malva Pudding (half)

    • Coupon expires on 29 November 2019.
    • Coupon entitles holder to a 3 course dining experience for 2 people. Includes: 2 x starters, 2 x mains, 2 x top up your meal and 2 x desserts.
    • Coupon valid from Monday to Friday, during operating hours.
    • Deal policy: coupon is subject to the purchase of 1 beverage per person.
    • Booking essential and subject to availability. For bookings, contact Rodeo Spur Steak Ranch (Claremont) on 021 683 3860.
    • Starter menu (any 2): cheesy quesadilla (half), crispy cheesy garlic roll OR crumbed mushrooms.
    • Mains menu (any 2): chargrilled rump (200g) OR New York sirloin (200g) with 1 top up.
    • Top up your meal menu (any 1 per main meal): quarter chicken, calamari strips (150g), 6 buffalo wings OR succulent beef spare ribs (200g).
    • Dessert menu (any 2): pecan nut sundae delight, chocolate brownie (half) OR malva pudding (half).
    • Coupon cannot be exchanged for cash.
    • Coupon must be presented once seated.
    • Coupon cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
    • The imaged displayed is merely a representation.
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