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R 2,200.00

Girl’s Day Out: Luxury Spa Package, Korean-Style Dishes & Beverages for 2

Allow Casuarina Wellness Centre and Plucky’s Fried Chicken Korean-Style to treat you to the ultimate pampering and dining experiences, worth every moment of indulgence.

Hosted within the 5-star Cape Royale Luxury Hotel & Spa in Green Point, this coveted spa boasts opulent décor, sophisticated hues of tranquil colours and unrivalled service. Their esteemed guests are invited to surrender to the inherent serenity that permeates each inch of this sanctuary, exploring the pinnacle of cutting-edge treatments for rejuvenation and restoration.

Gutsy, exhilarating and surprising, Three Anchor Bay’s Plucky’s is designed to redefine your understanding of Korean cuisine, with a menu offering vegetarian, flexitarian and meaty options to satisfy every craving and tease your tastebuds into exciting ecstasy. Famed for their Korean-styled chicken, they’re also renowned for their exceptionally colourful presentation of dishes, showcasing fresh and innovative flavour fusions.

Casuarina Wellness Centre & Plucky’s Fried Chicken Korean-Style, invite you to rediscover your innermost joys – pampering and great food!

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Girl’s Day Out: Luxury Spa Package, Korean-Style Dishes and Beverages for 2 People!

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Deal: Luxury Spa Package, Korean-Style Dishes and Beverages for 2 People at only R599 (Value: R2200)! 



  • Luxury Spa Package for 2 People
  • 2 x Korean-Style Dishes 
  • 2 x Beverages


    The Girls Day Out Luxury Spa Package Includes:
  • Mint, Lemon or Cucumber Infused Water on Arrival
  • 2 x Welcome Rituals: Soothing Hot Compress Rub blended with Essential Oils
  • 2 x Swedish or Aromatherapy Back of Body Massages
  • 2 x Body Rituals: Back Scrub with a Revitalising Back Mask
  • 2 x Relaxing Mini Head Massages
  • 2 x Sole Survival Treatments: Relaxing Foot Massage with a Revitalising Foot Scrub & Nourishing Mask 


    Main Menu: 
  • Chik’n Bao Buns: 2 x Fluffy steamed buns & chik’n bites
  • Plucky’s Chik’n Burger: fried chik’n patty, Korean sauce, lettuce & 3 x crispy onion rings
  • Primi Chik’n Burger: fried chik’n schnitzel, Korean sauce, lettuce & purple slaw
  • Ginjalicious Chik’n Burger: fried chik’n patty, Korean sauce, pickled ginger, lettuce & 3 x crispy onion rings
  • Dashing Ninja Chik’n Burger: fried chik’n patty, Korean sauce, tabasco sauce, lettuce & 3 x crispy onion rings
  • Plucky’s Wrap: 30cm with Asian purple slaw
  • S@oul Wrap: toasted tortilla with daikon 
  • Kimchi Wrap: toasted tortilla with spicy kimchi 
  • Pocket: toasted tortilla, fried patty & cheddar cheese

    Beverage Menu:
  • Milkshake: 500ml assorted flavours available
  • Boba Popping Fruit Lemonade: 500ml iced lemon & ginger
  • Kings Non-alcoholic: Kings Block non-alcoholic locally produced spicy ginger beer

    Side Menu (1 side per main):
  • Rustic Fries: hand cut
  • Sweet Potato Fries: orange jewel chips
  • Mixed Fries: half/half sweet & potato chips
  • Tater Popz: crunchy fried potato bites
  • Corn on the Cob Riblets: 6 x corn riblets
  • Crispy Onion Rings: batter coated
  • Egg Fried Rice: pan-fried with spring onion
  • Tteok-bokki: pan-fried rice cakes with Korean sauce

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    Girl’s Day Out: Luxury Spa Package, Korean-Style Dishes and Beverages for 2 People!